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What are these benefits?

This is a watch designed with the end customer in mind, and we have addressed four of the main issues associated with a standard automatic watch. Firstly, autonomy. The standard is a 48-hour power reserve, but the Baumatic has 120 hours (5 days). We have achieved this through three developments: the silicon hairspring, which consists of two silicon Rolex Datejust Replicawafers joined together with the top layer rotated by 45 degrees to compensate for the natural orientation of the material; the escapement, with improvements to the geometry of the anchor and escapement wheel, involving months of calculations and reworking; and the mainspring, with adjustments to the size and use of the material. Together, these three provide an additional power reserve.

The Baumatic movement

Secondly, anti-magnetic, an issue that is usually overlooked.Rolex Submariner Replica Well, we don't generally live in particle accelerators, but people are exposed to magnetism in their daily lives – magnets in purses, handbags or iPad covers, and even hi-fi speakers. Over 30% of the requests we receive from our customer service department are for demagnetisation of watches, so we are really responding to our customers' needs.

Thirdly, precision, which is what people expect from a watch.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica We're never going to achieve atomic-level precision with an automatic watch, but if you leave your watch on your bedside table at the weekend, it shouldn't run too fast or too slow when you pick it up on Monday.

Then there's maintenance. For a 4Hz watch, for every second it runs, one part hits another part inside the watch four times. That's over 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, like a car running at 2000rpm for six hours a day. If you drove your car like this, you would have to take it to the garage every year to have the engine serviced. One doesn't expect watches to be subjected to the same kind of stress, but they are. For normal watches we recommend servicing every three years, but for Baumatic we would like to extend the interval to every five to seven years.